About Us

Welcome to Safari Rent a Car’s web site. Safari now has a reputation and excelent service. The management and staff can converse in English, Turkish, German, Dutch and Greek. We are available to give our customers the benefit of our knowledge and assistance whenever needed. We are always trying for better quality.

Trust the yellow power.

Safari rent a car founded in 1989 in Kos island for making your vacation easier. With our rental you don’t have to worry about the kilometres you have to travel because there is no limitation! You can enjoy your travel with the free map that we provide you.

And for your safety? Our rentals include  full personal and car insurance and 24hour road-service.

Travelling with Safari rent a car gaves you a unique experience!

About Kos island

Kos island is located at the center of Dodecanese complex. It is the third biggest island of Dodecanese after Rhodes and Karpathos and second most popular after Rhodes.

Maximum distance in Kos island is from Agios Fokas to Kefalos and is about 45 km. Travelling around the island you can explore the antiquity and modern combination.

Kos has a double faced character, it is at the same time a crowded and relaxing destination.